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Fascination, Mesmerism and Hypnosis on Man and Animals

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In this video is rapid hypnotic inductions performed on a rabbit (instant hypnosis), a chicken (don't repeat, be wary!) and a person (hypnotic regression). This is a very unique video because the methods for hypnotizing these two animals are not even described in the book "Hypnosis on Man and Animals" of Volgyesi.

Non verbal techniques are very natural and put a person in contact with his deeper self.

What are mesmerism and hypnotic fascination?

In mesmerism we work with something called 'animal magnetism'. We modeled some very successful magnetic practitioners. We just looked at facts and what we could get. We did thousands of experimental tests; and we discovered that when we act in a certain way and we use your brain in a certain way something happens that we cannot so easily and immediately get in other ways. In some case you cannot even get with other tools (read later in this page about our proficiency in different techniques, about the persons we knew and judge yourself what these words could mean).

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