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Certificate of Hypnotic Coaching & Advanced Hypnotherapist

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Learn Advanced Hypnosis Techniques & How to Apply These to Your Clients

This course is part of the Magnetic Path process - view details here

Traditionally hypnosis is not usually associated with the magnetic paradigm. In this course we will learn hypnosis in a way adept to also practicing magnetic techniques. It is a kind of hypnosis where we stimulate the conscious energy of the individual, quickly bringing the subject to a considerable depth of trance.

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You will learn ancient hypnotic techniques as well as quantum concepts for life coaching & business coaching!

International Certification - 2 Day Workshop

This course gives you the certification of Hypnotic Coaching, and Advanced Hypnotherapist & Mesmerist. It is very useful place to start a hypnosis practice.

What You Will Learn...

  • States of consciousness and phenomena of trance
  • Anesthesia
  • Profound analgesia
  • Coaching Professional Hypnosis regressive
  • Examples of inductions (Erickson, Oriental, Elman)
  • Regressions dissociated
  • Quantum methodologies
  • LuxMind method for setting objectives
  • Hypnotherapy essential
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For Enquiries or Bookings...

For all training inquiries please call:

0039 34 82 21 34 49 (France)

Our friendly staff will be able to help with any further information you have, or to make a booking.

Magnetic Lodge - Nice, France

To strengthen your mesmeric power we have created a very special Magnetic Lodge in Nice where we hold most of our training. The magnetic effect helps increase the effect of magnetism, mesmerism, fascination and other modalities we teach that utilise the transference of energy.

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