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Reawakening the Immune System With Mesmerism

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The Role Of 'Personal Magnetism'

In this age of ours, people are lost in a frantic quest for material objects and opportunities. They turn oblivious to the fact that the true key to power is found inside his or her own self. The role played by “Personal Magnetism” is to designate that kind of powerful fascination that some individuals exercise over others. Without seemingly doing anything, special, in fact, this class of individuals arouse sympathy, interest and consideration. Their presence is welcomed, and one almost feels impelled to win over their friendship and earn their good esteem.

Neither beauty nor wealth, neither success nor moral qualities are capable of being identified with the indefinable emanating from the magnetic individual, as such human type possesses some extra qualities setting him apart from the others. One gets the impression of a reservoir of strength which attracts us by its closeness, like a magnetic field attracts the elements around it.

The Energetic Phenomena

One can further discern a subtle beneficial influence being exercised at a physical level. We feel raised by their presence, and, in the event that we are affected by physical weakness, we feel energized after mixing with them. Plain psychology explains some elements of personal magnetism through effects of non verbal communication processed at an unconscious level. Personal power in this view comes from a high level of congruence in behavior. So a first key in developing personal magnetism is getting past many inner blockages.

There is also an energetic aspect. In a materialistic point of view we think of energy, such as light or electricity, as a non-conscious force that interacts with matter. In our vision, energy is vital force that permits us to perceive and fully live in the world. Energy and consciousness are therefore strictly related. Experience teaches us that personal magnetism can be enhanced through energetic exercises.

As energy changes our state of consciousness, it changes our awareness field. As a person becomes more aware of itself, they are less dependent on external approval. They will also be more likely to rely on intuition and inner directions for acting in life.

An enhanced energy gives us both a strong hold on reality and with our inner self. In this state, some part of us is able to touch a higher dimension beyond the three-dimensional world. In other words, we get in contact with the implicate order of vibrations in which we are and from which we create our explicate three dimensional world through our senses and our brain mechanism. At this level, the so called “quantum magnetic effect” happens.

Applying & Learning These Techniques

In our Mesmerism school, we teach both methods of fascination and the so-called “methods of harmonious magnetism”. Such methods are capable of solving many problems and assist the process of man’s evolution.

F.A. Mesmer first observed the existence in some people a natural therapeutic capacity, a fact which led him to strive to understand how the same results could be reproduced on an ongoing basis. He himself practised as physician and could observe a very strange effect: people bled differently as he approached his patient. This was a stepping stone in his research.

There is undoubtedly a natural healing capacity that can be developed. These abilities sometimes manifest simply because of the healer’s physical presence near the ill patient. It is exactly as if a special “personal quantum magnetism” could be at work in these moments. This effect is so strong, that even animals can feel it. There are also special techniques where some animals’ ailments can be healed through quantum magnetism. Through the added help of a few gestures and specific words that impact even more of the informational field, amazing results might be accomplished.

This “personal quantum magnetism” can be developed in each and every person via the recourse to specific exercises that naturally enhance energy level and sensitivity. The only required quality is the desire to work on oneself. Even in the case of people with inborn gifts, the use of a technique can further improve the impact of an inborn “personal magnetism”.

However, even with regard to the so-called “instant methodologies”, whereby we might be able to heal a person purely through the look, we notice that it is the type of presence involved which represents the key to scoring results.

We have carried out a lot of research aimed at determining the most suitable exercises and conditions for the development of such a state. These are techniques which help healing take place through a system restore people to their own self.

Physical Effects Mesmerism Can Help Influence

When it comes to a great number of physical problems, what we call “physical quantum magnetism techniques” are swift in producing positive results. The range of case studies pertaining to this type of healing action, which, incidentally, has been often examined by some high profile doctors, is indeed more extensive.

Here under is a very partial list setting out some of the physical impairments it has helped (validity has been empirically verified):

  • Irregular menstrual flows (dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, menopause syndrome, and so on);
  • Various breathing problems;
  • Dermatological problems (Eczemas, warts, etc);
  • Some problems related to the circulation;
  • Many other ailments, which in essence extend to all that is linked to the vegetative system.

Beneficial results can even materialize in respect of the following problems:

  • Stress;
  • Compulsive habits;
  • Stammering;
  • Anxiety and distress;
  • Essentially, all psychological problems in general.

Also, we might reap the advantage of faster healing results concerning an array of pathologies. These pathologies are very difficult to treat using classical methods, e.g. epilepsy or other such situations. For example, a person who eventually turned into one of our coaches used to suffer precisely from epileptic manifestations. He eventually succeeded in overcoming them through the use of magnetic and fully non-verbal techniques.

Techniques are susceptible to development until the specific states bearing the under-mentioned appellations are reached:

  • Lethargy
  • Magnetic ecstasy – It consists in a particular state of exaltation, which can be heightened using music
  • Magnetic sleep – It is a state in which intuitions might be experienced, as well as clairvoyance and opening oneself up to higher dimensions.

Exterior action is something very real, despite the fact that even nowadays official science finds it often hard to picture it correctly.

Personal Power From A 'Quantum' Perspective

Quantum science is the most modern part of physics and probably is one of the best frameworks we have to give a theoretical explanation.

The first developers of quantum science were German scientists (Bohr, Schroedinger etc…) who were deeply imbued with the philosophy of Schopenauer. In turn, Schopenauer had been impressed by the experiences of animal magnetism he had observed. These experiences contributed to create the very basis of his philosophy.

The force we are able to develop is no mere suggestion. The results which are obtained frequently defy any explanation, and problematic cases which had previously been puzzled doctors, specialists, and other categories of hypnotists, are very often solved. Some people, for the sake of expressing this concept, use the term “personal power”.

Although some people are naturally gifted in this sense, everyone can develop such force. The capacity we are dealing with here is present even in persons or therapists who do not believe in magnetism. These persons sometimes manage to achieve results in spite of the methodology guiding their steps, and which, in the hands of other, more intelligent and well-prepared people, might fail to engender the same result.

We can reasonably assume that all of us, at varying levels, possess this capacity to heal. This such capacity, like any other one, requires practice and self-discipline, and that it must come from inside ourselves in one form or the other. What we can observe is that its development runs parallel to the development of “personal magnetism”, to such an extent that we are entitled to state that, in reality, there is but one single type of magnetism.

Being cured from forms of epilepsy through magnetism can boast a very long line of tradition. Apollonius of Tyana already scored successes in treating such pathology through a variety of magnetism.