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The Power of Silence - Non-Verbal Hypnosis

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Cosmic background

I believe that people practicing traditional spoken hypnosis, sooner or later recognize that:

1. There is something intangible that cannot be put in words that gives results.

2. They are always very intrigued by the power of the eye as hypnosis links a lot with gaze power

3. They want to find a technique where they obtain powerful trance-like states with their clients like they see in movies (like Trance, Manchurian Candidate, K-Pax etc.)

In the movies, the hypnotist will often say to the client, “And now you will forget” and the subject forgets. Or "in a few seconds you will think of the number 3 but you will not know I have said it to you". These types of scenarios are a very popular perception of hypnosis by the public through their exposure in film and television. But the question remains... can your average hypnotist achieve this?

The fact of the matter is that many hypnotherapists simply can't get their clients to see such results. In particular, Ericksonian hypnotists have a lot of difficulties instating such rapid deep levels of trance and extreme responsiveness to suggestion because they only 'scratch the surface' so to speak. I estimate 70% of the 'would-be' hypnotists are not very good hypnotists, so they are in search for something stronger.

I believe this is because somewhere along the line things have become seperated from the true source. The pioneers of hypnosis like Mesmer, Esdaille, Braid and of course the Egyptians way back where it all began, understood and practiced the art of non-verbal influence as well as spoken hypnosis. It is through aspects like the gaze, Animal Magnetism, fascination and other intangible interactions between client and practitioner that the real impressive change takes place. Words alone are often not enough to have such an impact as you see in the movies or by stage hypnotists. It goes much deeper.

It is interesting to note, that I personally believe that the use of non-verbal methods has the best results for the treatment of physical conditions too. In my own experiences I have seen greater change when I use such methods than if I would by using spoken words alone. This is also especially the case when doing regressions as well. Many hypnotherapists go down this path, like treating physical conditions, without having the proper foundations in place to begin. This dilutes the efficacy of such sessions.

In summary, I just wanted to share my opinion on this matter that there is always more than words when it comes to the interaction between client and practitioner. This forms the basis of what I teach at my training academy. If you are a hypnotherapist or are wanting to know more, please view my training pages here to browse all the different options I have for non-verbal hypnosis training.

- Dr Marco Paret