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Quantum PSI/Psychology - Certificate Professional Coach

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This Course Will Teach You How to Help Your Clients With Quantum Psychology

Quantum coaching uses the system of Luxmind inside a coaching paradigm to help people be themselves and develop their highest potentials. A quantum coach helps develops creativity within their client and solving problems by accessing this creativity.

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Genius & creativity have an origin and it is not a logical sequence of steps - it is a Quantum Paradigm. This course will help you apply this!

Creativity can not be developed by a machine: The creativity comes normally in seconds, from deep areas of our mind. There is a reason for this: we can not be totally aware of the processes that lead to creativity, otherwise we would block it with our logic.

Our Quantum PSI technology applied to coaching is able to effectively treat the behaviors "quantum" that is, the manifestations of the mind resulting from processes that are normally completely unconscious. These are processes that can never become conscious without being distorted.

As long as a process is in fact our unconscious the brain work more effectively because it can use the quantum mode, following several lines of reasoning at the same time and creating mental associations.
The reasoning is unconscious, however, different from the traditional way: at this point it is necessary to use a quantum paradigm to treat this type of information that appears on a conscious level exclusively expressed by symbols or feelings.

Quantum mechanics is a modern discipline and effective to create models and predictions controllable quantum behavior. The quantum process allows us to understand what is behind the genius. The brilliant idea sometimes comes in milliseconds.

Our individualistic self, consisting as it does of habits, is seldom capable of fully understanding the infinite range of answers which life might provide. It is therefore necessary to open up one's vision and have recourse to intuition, to a higher sense which is not merely grounded on logic, but is rather based on an array of different evaluations which can only be made unconsciously.


This course will give you the certificate of Professional Coach

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Quantum Memory (Advanced & Basic Courses)

Mind in jigsaw

These two courses will teach you how to control your mind, your memory & experience new levels of learning that you never thought were possible.

The courses are divided into two days (Saturday and Sunday) for a total of 16 hours (8 hours per day). The basic course helps you to learn the best methods for storing in your mind what you want simply and naturally, so that you will be able to take advantage of the resources of your mind. The advanced course enables you to learn the most powerful methods for learning, controlling the mind, concentration and focusing on tasks.

Both use the highly effective quantum, hypnotic and NLP-NLP3 methodologies. In the basic course they are combined with traditional mnemonics, while in the advanced, they are built with an innovative approach that blends ancient knowledge with the most advanced scientific quantum researches.


This basic course will give you the certificate of Basic Quantum Memory
This advanced course will give you the certificate of Advanced Quantum Memory

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