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Man doing fascination technique

Differences Between Magnetism, Fascination & Hypnotism

I’d like propose a classification that I think can be very useful for understanding our disciplines of magnetism, fascination & hypnosis.


Modern Quantum and Ethological Scientific Explanations

From the oldest times there have been people that used the power of gaze: yogis, hypnotists, priests, leaders. Their gaze was stronger as their words. Their conscience “touched” the conscience of other people, and transmitted emotions and thoughts in other spirits.

Lady breaking cigarette

Article by V. Campanelli - 55 Second Quit Smoking Method

This is an article on quitting smoking written by mesmerist and founder of the Camapnelli Method - Vincenzo Campanelli. In 55 seconds he had people stopping smoking with magnetism!

Old Mesmerism picture

Transference: Should We Shake Out Our Hands After Magnetic Work?

Some Magnetisers from the old school of Mesmer and also from the modern 'bioenergy schools' shake out their hands after they do passes. But not everybody does it. So what is the correct approach?

Man at sunset contemplating

A Note on Magnetism, Self Observation & Presence

We could say that self observing in reality is letting go of the points of view in which we have on the reality. Normal people always have a certain point of view (or ways of viewing and perceiving reality) that classical psychological could best define as “trances”.

Old picture of Mesmer with a group of clients

Magnetism, Mesmerism & Fascination Group

Dr. Paret along with Dr. Tira, personally direct a unique Magnetism and Fascination club where they diffuse the ancient methodology into which they were personally initiated.

Lady arms outstrretched over water

How to Apply Personal Magnetism - a 3 Step Approach

This is a simple 3 step guide written by Yogi Ramacharaka in 1906 on how to apply magnetism to your self. Following these steps and practicing the techniques will bring many benefits to your state of mind and internal & external systems.

Magent attracting nails

What is the Right Attitude to Practice Mesmerism?

Magnetism is the same as quantum entanglement with the person. Having the person feeling attracted by yourself in ways difficult to explain is very common. Don’t rationalize to much.

Your Inner Fish advertisement

'On the Eyes' – Chapter 9: Vision “Your Inner Fish” By Neil Shubin

“When you look into eyes, forget about romance, creation, and the windows into the soul. With their molecules, genes, and tissues derived from microbes, jellyfish, worms, and flies, you seen an entire menagerie.”

Illustration of a couple embraced

Transference – Sexual Current

This is an excerpt from one of the posts on our Facebook group on animal magnetism, transference and sexual current.