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Dreams: Gateways to the Past, Present & Future

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Dreams play a very important role in our lives. We all have them, but what purpose do they really serve? In this article I am going to share with you my insights as to why dreams occur and how they are linked with the past, the present and the future.

Firstly, what is a dream?

Dreams are our subconscious' way of communicating and expressing. What we consciously experience in our daily life, as well as past events and memories stored subconsciously, all shape what sort of dreams we have. Dreams work in symbols rather than directly. This is why they often appear abstract or nonsensical. In saying this, there is always a message or purpose in our dreams. Dreams can occur in many different levels of brainwave resonance (consciousness). For example, Lucid Dreams occur in the higher Alpha realms where there is more conscious involvement. These are different to the more obscure dreams we have that are harder to consciously recall that occur in lower levels of Theta and Delta realms. The latter is known as the 'somnambulist realm' and this is where it gets very interesting. I will explain more about this shortly. Deciphering and understanding our dreams can give much guidance in shaping a more positive future.

The Subconscious & Dreaming

Our subconscious mind likes to receive information, deal with it, place a perspective or level of importance on it, and then store it away for later reference with the millions of other pieces of information it holds. One way of looking at dreams is that they are the manifestations of unresolved issues within the subconscious. Through our dreams, the subconscious is sending little clues that it needs closure on something. This may be the effect of past, present or future events. Some of the more common things dreams may encompass are fears, decisions we have to make, how we feel about something that has happened, or even something we are trying to learn. Dreams are a way for our subconscious to try and find meaning to certain things or to send messages for us to consciously decipher and take action upon.

A Bridge Between Dimension & Time

Modern physics now identifies that time is simply just another dimension of what we call 'reality'. Quantum scientist Bohm confirms that this 'time dimension' exists ONLY at an explicate level, but NOT at an 'implicate' level where everything is interconnected to everything else. The explicate level is the level of our senses. The implicate level is the level of our awareness that exists independently from any sensory input. When we dream we can actually have glimpses of this interconnected level. Precognitive dreams in particular can be the most striking demonstrations that the past and the future exist only at a certain levels.

In mesmeric somnambulism we verify these same principals. There are many impressive accounts of mesmerized subjects that can have glimpses into situations or times that are in fact unknown to them. With these, there is no traditional way to explain how they could get such information, thus proving beyond any doubt the role of precognitive dreams to predicting the future. Only the preceding quantum explanations of an 'implicate wholeness' can in such cases these apply.

Seeing The Future

It can be said that our dreams provide glimpses of our future. Our subconscious has incredible powers of perception and the innate ability to look ahead in time based on calculations, past experiences and access to the ethereal realm. Therefore our dreams are one way in which our subconscious is trying to give us messages about what the future holds. This is especially the case when you practice magnetism, fascination and mesmerism. The practice of these modalities helps bypass conscious analyses and promotes a deeper connection with the subconscious. In such states you may experience dreams or short glimpses of what the future holds. In these are powerful keys about the direction you are heading in your life.

Clarifying The Present

Dreams are one way that we internally process things that are happening in our life. With respect to the present this is not so much what has just happened, but how we feel about it 'at the moment'. A lot of the time these types of dreams are concerned with emotions or feelings that we are having. A lingering emotion can be manifested in a dream that is driven by an anger or sadness being felt at that particular moment in time. This is the subconscious' way of bringing it to our attention and helping give a way to change the perspective. Additionally, dreams are also a way of reinforcing certain information being learnt in the present. One example could be you are learning a new language and you have dreams about all the different words and phrases you are learning. These types of dreams serve the purpose of helping us learn and remember things better, and is closely linked with the phenomena of Hypnopedia or Sleep Learning.

Moving Forward From The Past

Many things from the past affect our present state of mind. A dream could be one way of sending signals that there is something we have not put closure on that happened in the past that is affecting us 'in the now'. This could be an experience we feel bad about, an event that caused a fear, or perhaps a previous relationship with someone that went bad. Through our dreams this is bought to our attention to be dealt with both subconsciously and consciously. This usually happens in cryptic sequences where a particular outcome is needed to provide closure.

Conscious Recognition & Involvement

Although dreams are usually associated with the somnambulist states, there is a great deal we can do consciously to not only decipher them, but to also step in and provide direction. By taking conscious attention of our dreams (through a dream journal or simply acknowledging them) we can make really some positive inroads in where our life is heading. This can work in three distinct ways:

Analyzing: Trying to analyze our dreams serves the purpose of gaining insight into things happening in our life. This can provide valuable clues about choices we should make, the direction our life is going, and also how to remove certain things which are weighing us down. It is just a matter of understanding what they mean and the possible messages that are hidden within to take action upon.

Providing direction: Consciously we can provide instruction and direction for our dreams. Simply by thinking and analyzing our dreams we are placing importance upon them. Identifying what a dream means and if there is a better outcome that can be reached in that dream for next time, we actually begin to provide a destination for that dream. An example of this could be a recurring dream symbolizing a fear of heights. In that dream we always begin to embark on a journey to a higher place, but never quite reach it. This means that we have not yet put closure on this dream or fear that it represents. Consciously identifying that we need to follow all the way through in that dream to our final destination up high, helps give the subconscious direction to help achieve closure.

Training your mind: Consciously making the decision to participate in activities like meditation, mesmerism, magnetism etc. can help train your mind to reach enhanced levels of inner-clarity. Doing so helps open up new pathways within that can be explored through the dream state. Practicing these modalities helps develop a greater understanding of one's self. In turn this assists with decoding dreams and developing the power step inside them to change the direction they take. Furthermore, practices like Mesmerism will help shift our consciousness to new levels in the unknown realm. This has benefits which stretch across every aspect of our lives.