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Links to Our Other Websites

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Below are links to Dr. Marco's other websites and organisations he is directly involved with.

Main Italian site: www.neurolinguistic.com

Personal page of Dr. Paret: http://marco-paret.pnl-3.com/
Mesmerismus website: http://www.mesmerismus.info
Free resources: http://www.pnl-nlp.org/dn/
Some digital books: ISI-CNV and CAIRN in Nepal
CAIRN & International University: www.dzogchen.ws

Other Useful Links

NLP-3 in London: www.nlp-london.co.uk
International NLP site: www.nlp4all.org

AFEM and ATOUM Circles

SINAPE: http://www.sinape-cisl.it/
AFEM: http://www.neurolinguistic.com/esoterika/afem.htm
CERCLES ATOUM: www.cerclesatoum.com